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How To Sell Your Caravan – The Ways Of Selling Your Caravan

So you’re looking to sell your caravan but not sure how to do it.  Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your existing caravan, wanting to get out of the industry or looking to sell that asset that has been on the driveway for years. Well look no further, as we will go through the different avenues you can go down to sell your caravan and top tips on how to make you caravan more saleable.

Where Shall I Sell My Caravan?

So now you have decided to sell your caravan the next question is where do I sell it.  Now that really depends on what you are after. Are you looking to get rid of the caravan quickly? Or do you want to make the most money from your caravan? Take a look at the pros and cons of where to sell your caravan below.

Caravan Buyers – Quick Sell

You may have heard of WeBuyAnyCar.Com. Well there are dozens and dozens of these types of businesses around for caravans too, such as caravan-buyeruk.co.uk and buymycaravan.com. These make selling your caravan easy. The process is so simple, they take your details, offer you a price to purchase your caravan and most of them then even collect the caravan for you making it a convenient and hassle free process. This is perfect for anyone looking to free up some cash and to get the asset of your driveway quickly.


  • Perfect to get rid of your caravan quickly.
  • Instant way of getting cash in your bank.
  • Most quick sale caravan buyers even collect the caravan from you making it a hassle free process.
  • Don’t even have to clean the van.


  • If you’re looking to make the most money from your caravan then this isn’t best way to sell your caravan. Most caravan buyers tend to be caravan dealers looking to sell your caravan on and make a profit.
  • Trust – Trusting the person who is buying your caravan is a must. We have heard some horror stories in our time, where the buyer has collected the van and then not paid or offered a ridiculous price and then knocked thousands of the van when them come to collect.

Cash Buyers Are Perfect For: Freeing up some cash quickly with a hassle free process.

Selling Privately

Selling privately is the most common thing to do when trying to shift your caravan and is also one of the best avenues to make the most money from your asset. Most of the time because you are pricing your caravan at retail price your more likely to get caravanners buy your caravan than a caravan dealer. If you find that you are getting a lot of interest from caravan dealers / buyers it maybe because you’re advertising it too cheaply.

Now, getting the most money for your caravan is something that we would all like to achieve. However, selling privately doesn’t come without its pitfalls. You now have to be a salesman, a valeter, a marketing guru and in some cases a technician with the questions that could be fired your way when a customer arrives to see the van. The process can be a hassle having to deal with the customer directly and time consuming.

Once you’ve made your caravan clean and presentable to market you have to start by listing it on marketplaces such as AutoTrader, LeisureBe, eBay or Facebook, taking time to get nice imagery and pulling content together to make an attractive advert for your caravan. There can also be a cost when listing your caravan on marketplaces such as AutoTrader, LeisureBe and eBay as well. You then have to deal with the enquiries and arrange the times for viewings as well as polishing up on your sales skills for when the customer arrives. And if you manage to get a lot of viewings from buyers who aren’t serious then this can be a burden and quite frankly a waste of your time. Then let’s not forget the questions that get fired your way. Because you own a caravan they now think that you are a caravan connoisseur who has spent your whole life in the caravan industry. You’re only trying to shift a van that you don’t want anymore. Then you also open yourself up to security issues as well. In extreme cases bringing people to your home to view the assets your selling can also lead to theft. Now this is rare but it has happened.

But we must say it isn’t all so bad if you manage to get the right customers at your door. Who knows, you might just sell your caravan on your first viewing. Now that would be bliss. More money in your pocket for little hassle.


  • A great avenue to make the most money from your caravan.
  • The satisfaction of seeing a happy family drive away in their new van.


  • Hassle of preparing the caravan to be sold and creating adverts to spark interest.
  • Hassle of dealing with customer enquiries, viewings and questions.
  • Time consuming.
  • Security – In worst case scenarios we have seen people come for a viewing and then the next day something has been broken into and if it isn’t your home it is the caravan itself.

Private Selling Is Perfect For: Anyone looking to make the most money from their caravan yet not conscious about the time and effort needed to sell the caravan.

2011 Elddis Supersirocco Interior (10362)

Brokerage – Someone Sell It For You

Not many people offer this type of service however, you may have come across the word brokerage when you are selling a house. It works exactly like an estate agent but for your caravan instead. It is a way of making a little bit more extra money than selling it quickly through a caravan buyer. Obviously selling it privately you are more likely to get more money but you have to have the hassle of dealing with everything from marketing to the final sell and handover. Whereas brokerage it takes all the hassle away from you dealing with the day to day dealings with the customer and all you do is pay a commission when the caravan is sold which the commission is agreed beforehand.

So for a shorter explanation, you are paying someone to sell it for you and you only pay them when they have sold the caravan.

Now there are several businesses who offer this but there are two types; one is a mobile brokerage where the caravan is at your premise and all the viewings take place wherever the caravan is stored – This could be your driveway. The other is where a caravan dealer stores the caravan at their premises and puts the caravan on their forecourt for customers to view.


  • Make more money from your caravan than if you were to sell it to a cash buyer.
  • Hassle free way to sell your caravan as you aren’t selling the caravan yourself.


  • Don’t make as much money as you could if you were to sell it privately as you have to pay a commission fee when the caravan is sold.
  • Depending on how good the brokerage is it could take some time before the caravan is sold.

Brokerage Sale Is Perfect For: Anyone looking to sell their caravan without the hassle of selling it themselves yet still gaining a decent income from the sale.

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Part Exchange

Now we have discussed 3 ways to sell your caravan but what if you want to just upgrade your caravan to a modern one? Well that is easy, part exchange of course. Part exchange isn’t the only method of selling your caravan to upgrade to another. You could still use the other 3 methods of selling your caravan as mentioned above so you can use the cash of the sale towards a new caravan. Although we would recommend that if you wanted to be a cash buyer of your new caravan then it is worth while selling your caravan privately rather than the other 2 methods to sell your caravan as you would get more money from a private sell.

However, with the time it takes it may not be worth it and so part exchange is the most convenient way for you to trade in your existing van and can use your caravan as a bargaining tool to get a better deal on your new caravan.


  • A great bargaining tool to get a better deal on your new caravan.
  • The most convenient way to trade one caravan to another.


  • Some dealers may not offer the best price for your part exchange. So if this is the case you could sell it elsewhere and get a better deal for you van and then use the money to then pay for your new caravan.

Part Exchange Is Perfect For: Someone looking to upgrade or downgrade their caravan to a new one.

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Sell To A Caravan Dealer

Caravan Dealer

Selling to a reputable caravan dealer can be the most safe and secure way to sell your caravan. You can be sure that you will get paid and that you will get a fair and honest deal. Finding a reputable isn’t hard to find but we can’t promise that their aren’t some delboys out there. So like anything be wary.

Not all caravan dealers offer different methods of selling to them but you can be sure that they would at least offer part exchange and a quick sale method of buying your caravan if this is a caravan that they would be interested in. The explanation of what part exchange and quick sale methods of selling are listed above.

Certain caravan dealers do offer the brokerage method as well where they sell the caravan for you and display it in their forecourt for a commission of the final sale when it is sold and dispatched to the new customer.


  • Be sure that most caravan dealers are trustworthy and reputable.
  • Get a fair and honest price for your caravan.
  • Hassle-free regardless of if you do a quick sell, part exchange or brokerage method of selling.


  • Don’t make as much money as you would if you were to sell it privately.

Caravan Dealer Is Perfect For: Anyone who wants to be certain that the exchange or transaction of their caravan is sold to a reputable establishment for an honest and fair price.

Top Tips To Make The Most From Your Caravan?

Despite whichever method you opt for when selling you van it is always important to keep your caravan in good condition to ensure you get the most for it. Below are some tips on what to do to ensure that you either get an eager caravanner wanting to buy your caravan, or make sure that a caravan buyer or dealer doesn’t knock money of the value of your caravan. 

Preparing Your Caravan To Sell

1. Clean Your Caravan – It may sound obvious but if you want good money for your caravan you want to make sure that it looks like it has been looked after. It may not increase the value of the caravan but it makes the caravan more saleable. Stock up on some decent heavy duty shampoo & polish to make it look immaculate.

2. Ensure Electrics And Plumbing Are Working Correctly – If they don’t work correctly ensure that you highlight these areas.

3. Specify The Extra Accessories On The Caravan – It is important to note that you could get extra for these if you were to sell it privately. However, when selling to a dealer or a caravan buyer any accessories such as a motor mover, solar panel or awning don’t increase the value of the caravan. It just makes the caravan more saleable, not valuable. So if you are to sell your caravan to a dealer you could take your awning to sell separately to make more money.

4. Ensure you have a CRIS / Ownership Documentation – This proves who the owner of the vehicle is and if it has been stolen.

5. Always Best To Have A Caravan Service – This adds reassurance for the customer or the caravan buyer that it has been looked after and in habitable to live in. 


So now you know the different ways to sell / trade your caravan. I suppose the next thing is to understand how much your caravan is worth. Why not contact us with your details below and we will provide you with how much your caravan is worth retail and how much we would purchase your caravan for. Providing you with all the details for you to make the decision whether to sell it yourself or not. 

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